Sunday, August 3, 2014

Superman That Show - Part 4/4

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Last post of the Columbus Veteran's Memorial Quarterly Card Show haul. Today is merely two cards, but they are the best two from the sack. By far.

1949 Bowman Johnny Vander Meer.

If you're unaware of Mr. Vander Meer's place in history, shame on you. Talk about a record that will never be broken, brother. Since, you know, breaking it would require THREE consecutive no-hitters. It might be matched someday, but I doubt it. As far as the card, Johnny looks to be about 68 years old, when he's merely 34 here. I'll attribute this to the 1940's lack of precision with the ol' printing press. And we have some tape marks on three sides, but such are the perils of a cheap-ass who likes vintage. 1949 would be the 11th and final year Vandy was on the Reds. A year each in Chicago and Cleveland and he would call it a career.

1909-11 T206 Ed Karger.

Boom. Nailed an excellent tabacky card. Ed Karger had a six year career with the Cardinals, Pirates, Reds, and Red Sox. His lone year with the Reds was 1909. He pitched 34.1 innings over 9 games, going 1-3 in 5 starts with a 4.46 ERA. He's pictured here with a bat, which is peculiar, though he was a career .220 hitter. Not bad for a pitcher. The card is in rough shape, but relative to most, it's actually not too bad. None of the creases are devastating and the color has maintained nicely. The disappearing 'T' in 'Cincinnati' is bothering me more than anything else, but otherwise, this is a fantastic add. This is my 8th T206. There are 23 total Reds in the set. I'm positive all 8 of mine are of the 'easy' to find variety, and any quest to snag all 23 is a fool's errand. But I'm stoked with my 8, thank you very much.

Good show, old chaps. Go Reds.


  1. Interesting dimensions on both. Johnny Vander Meere looks like William Devane.