Saturday, August 2, 2014

Superman That Show - Part 3/4

Part 1 here.
Part 2 here.
Suck it, National. My card show was just as good. Well, no. But I had a good time anyway. Here's a bunch of random goodness for Part 3.

Where better to start than with Griffey? 2000-something Fleer Showcase and 2000-something Leaf Certified Materials. I lack the will power to re-recall exactly which year today's cards are from.

2000-something Fleer E-X and 2000-something Fleer Gamers.

2000-something Upper Deck Legends (?) and 2000-something Topps Cracker Jack Blue Mini.

A couple new Larkins to join the Griffeyness. 1990-something Pacific and 1990-something Fleer E-XL.

1993 Action Packed Ted Kluszewski, Edd Roush, Tom Seaver. I'd never seen these with the red border. Lookin good.

2013 Bowman Bronson Arroyo Hometown and Silver Ice parallels. Who doesn't love Hometown parallels?

One dude had about 800 Ultra Golds all sleeved up for a dime a piece. I'm sure back when these came out, having that many was pretty special. I only found 8 Reds, two of which I discovered I already had.

1993 Topps Black Gold Winners A/B and B. Yeah, these count. You'll spot some tiny Reds in here. I have Winner A, B, and A/B. No Reds on Winners C, D, or C/D, but I suppose I still need Winner A/B/C/D. Um, yeah.

2013 Topps Blue Mike Leake, 2012 Topps Mini Bronson Arroyo, Mike Leake.

1990-something Bowman International Sean Casey, 2013 Bowman Platinum Gold Johnny Cueto (oooh, shiny), 2000-something Bowman WBC Gold Luca Panerati, 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Hector Carrasco.

1980-something Swell Greats Johnny Vander Meer, 1985-86 Sportflics Previews Pete Rose. That Rose is a tough card, it seems. I wasn't even aware of this set until my cataloging struggles with it when I got home.

2000-something Bowman Sterling Drew Stubbs, 1990-something Pacific Paramount Deion Sanders, 1990-something Metal Universe Eric Davis (sweet), 2008 UD Documentary Brandon Phillips.

2000-something Fleer Tradition Lumber Company Sean Casey, 2003 Upper Deck Standing O Die-Cuts Sean Casey.

1991 Pepsi Reds Reed, Hatcher, Charlton, Benzinger, Sabo, Rijo, Doran, Davis. I actually have an uncut sheet of this set thanks to my truck driver uncle snagging one off of a delivery. On the up-and-up, of course. But why not grab a set for the albums, right? I have 12 of the 20. Nice.

Alright kiddies. Wrapping up the show goodness tomorrow with two big-time cards. Go Reds.

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