Friday, August 1, 2014

Superman That Show - Part 2/4

Part 1 here.
More goodness today from my show haul. Who needs your silly National? We've got vintage oddballs, autographs, and a Hall of Fame relic for ya today.

1952 Red Man Ewell Blackwell. A member of the third class of the Reds Hall of Fame. This is my 4th Red Man card (of the 8 that were made 1952-1955) and I'm really starting to love them.

1969 Milton Bradley Tommy Harper. I'm not knowledgeable as to the specifics of the game these cards were in, but I somehow have two of them (Lee May as well).

1969 Globe Imports Jim Maloney. These are barely baseball cards. They were printed on semi-thick paper and released at gas stations or something. I don't recommend hunting for these. It was thrown in with a stack of purchases from a dealer. I also have Chico Cardenas, which means finding the Pete Rose would complete the team set. Doubt that will happen.

1976 Hostess George Foster. Twenty-five cents. Easy.

1976 Kellogg's Clay Carroll. Also twenty-five cents. Oh yes.

2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes Classic Matchups Rollie Fingers/Johnny Bench. Yes, the jersey is of Rollie, not Johnny. Yes, the blurb on the back talks about Rollie 'containing' Johnny. But this is still a card with Johnny Bench on it, and it was one dollar. Not bad for a Hall of Famer jersey card.

1991 Topps Archives Bob Borkowski, signed. Spent 4 of his 6 major league seasons in Cincy, batting .258 for the club.

1987 Toys'R'Us Rookies Kurt Stillwell, signed. Spent the first 2 years of his 9 year career in Cincinnati, batting .246. All Star for the Royals in 1988.

1978 TCMA 60's Jim Duffalo, signed. Not only is it always tough to get autos from 1960's guys, but it's tough to find a Reds card of Duffalo at all. In fact, unless you count a 1965 Reds postcard, this is the only card where he dons the red, as he only spent the back half of 1965 on the team (his other 4 and a half seasons were in San Francisco). Excellent addition to the auto binder.

1965 Topps Deron Johnson, signed. Here's a super-tough auto, seeing a Deron Johnson passed in 1992. Deron Johnson spent 4 of his 16 major league years (29 years, including coaching gigs) with the Reds, hitting 90 of his 245 home runs. Sweet.

Part 3 tomorrow. Go Reds.

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  1. That World Series card is very awesome, even if it's Athletic-centric. (Bay Area guy, that's okay with me!)