Monday, August 4, 2014

Team Break Success

I've never been a consumer of box breaks. I can't get past the notion of the usual cost people pay being so much higher than 1/30th of the total price (since there are 30 teams). It's basically a gamble where the odds are not in your favor at all. I throw out token bids on eBay but they've never even come close to being the highest.

Then I saw a 3-box break for a product I hadn't heard of from Premier Box Breaks. 2014 Onyx Authenticated Platinum Elite. I think they threw it on the 'bay because they didn't think it would sell out on their site. And it didn't, as many teams were unclaimed at break time. It was 'buy it now' for $6.99 but my bid of $1.99 took it. Nice.

Each "box" (single pack) was 7 cards: 2 autos and 5 base per. So there was a 51% chance I'd receive no cards (that's 1 - (29/30)^21 for those counting at home). But hey, it's two bucks.

But the odds were shining on me this day, friends. Three cards: one base and two autos. Aw yiss.

Here's the base. These are actually very nice. Surprisingly nice. Good on ya, Onyx. Jon Moscot was drafted in 2012 by the Reds and is currently starting in AA Pensacola with a 3.30 ERA and 101 strikeouts in 23 starts. Not only is this my first Moscot, but this is his first card at all. Excellent.

Nice auto. My Drew Cisco collection consisted of one card, an ITG autograph from 2011. This one is much better. And a sexy #'d/50 to boot. Green foil + green ink = real purdy. As you can see, it's on-card, and hand-numbered. I wonder what intern gets to do the numbering? Ah well. Drew Cisco was drafted by the Reds in 2010, but didn't enter the minors until 2012. He is currently a starter A+ Bakersfield with a 5.84 ERA in 22 starts.

Oh hey there again, Mr. Cisco. The #'d/50 was, apparently, not good enough. Another Drew Cisco came out of the packs, this time the Orange #'d/25. Righteous. Again, the ink matches the foil, which is purdy. Friggin sweet.

Well now I'm addicted to this box-break nonsense. I immediately used new member store credit and bought into two boxes of Bowman Inception and a box of Panini Prizm for $11 minus $5.55 in discounts for a grand total of $5.45. That'll do. It'll likely be awhile until all the spots are filled, as Premier Box Breaks seems relatively new, but I'm pumped.

Go Reds.

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  1. Matt I got Reds to trade if you have Angels. Email me at tessierthomas at yahoo dot com. Tom