Thursday, July 31, 2014

Superman That Show - Part 1/4

A thousand apologies for that pun in the title. I'm better than that. Wait. No I'm not.

While many of you are divesting yourself of wealth at The National this weekend, here's a cavalcade of awesomeness from yours truly divesting himself of wealth at the big quarterly show in Columbus recently. So much goodness I've felt the need to break it into four parts. Here be part one, full of vintage cardboard.

1969 Topps Pete Rose. We'll start here, though I did post this card already in my 1969 Topps Completely Red post. This was sorely needed to replace the 0/10 Rose I had had in the binder. I found it nice and cheap, so the decision was made for me.

1954 Bowman Saul Rogovin. This is one of three variations of this card out there, due to stat corrections on the back. I assume this is the most common one. Not accounting for variations, I'm one card away from the '54 Bowman team set. Sweet.

1963 Topps Bill Henry. A lot of '63s have eluded me for a long time. Found this one in a 50 cent bin.

1952 Topps Johnny Wyrostek. What a good looking card. The same dealer had a bunch of '52 Topps for dirt cheap because the backs were ugly from having been glued to poster board or something. However, I've been slowly peeling the offending paper from the backs and I'm left with some very crisp cards. If I weren't such a cheap bastard, I'd get these graded.

1952 Topps Ed Erautt. A little off-center but crease free.

1952 Topps Bud Byerly. This is the only '52 that's in bad shape. By normal standards, that is. It's more than acceptable to add to my collection. Also, it's a slightly rarer black back.

1952 Topps Hank Edwards. No creases. Mostly centered. Excellent. This brings my '52 Topps Reds collection up to 14, which is the 50% mark for the set. Progress from here will be tough, as it's mostly high number uber-rarities. No big deal.

Part 2 tomorrow. Go Reds.


  1. I like these blue-hatted Cincinnati fellas. You hear "Reds" and you think red, mind you, but I like the vintage vibe of it. Too much like the Cubs, I guess. Looks like 1955 was the last blue-hat year, white and red from then on. Maybe they should make a comeback.

    1. They changed their name to the "Redlegs" and changed their unis to mostly blue during the McCarthy-era communism scare. Can't have a bunch of people running around calling themselves 'Reds' and dressing as such during one of the more idiotic periods in America.

    2. Wow! Did not know that, now they are even more interesting. Maybe the Red could do a "Red Scare" throwback jersey night or something.

  2. I was half expecting to see a card of Soulja Boy.