Thursday, August 7, 2014

Completely Red: 1954 Bowman

Mmmmmm....Vintage goodness. This is tied with 1954 Topps as my oldest complete team set. However, if you count variations, I'm six cards short. There was many an instance of stat corrections on the second print run, and then a correction to the correction in the third run. Silly. I only have one version of each card, and I have no doubt every one is the most common. No matter. These 15 cards look pretty nice together.

After going tiny, tiny, tiny from 1948-1952, Bowman went huge in 1953 to counter the Topps offerings. Of course, since they went with color photography in, they were too expensive. So in '54, Bowman went back to the paint for this set, but kept the size and tacked on a boxed-off facsimile signature. Pretty nice. Notable cards in the set are Joe Nuxhall and Gus Bell as well as three rookies, which represents 20% of the team set. Proof positive that Bowman has always been all about the prospects.


Cards - 15

RC's - 3 (Fred Baczewski, Jack Collum, Hobie Landrith)

All Stars - 7 (Roy McMillan, Willard Marshall, Joe Nuxhall, Ken Raffensperger, Gus Bell, Rocky Bridges, Andy Seminick)

Reds Hall of Famers - 3 (Gus Bell, Joe Nuxhall, Roy McMillan)

Green Grass - 13

High Tides - 0


12 Roy McMillan
28 Jim Greengrass
44 Harry Perkowski
60 Fred Baczewski
70 Willard Marshall
76 Joe Nuxhall
92 K.D. Raffensberger
108 Bobby Adams
124 Gus Bell
140 Saul Rogovin
156 Everett Bridges
172 Andy Seminick
188 Frank Smith
204 Jack Collum
220 Hobie Landrith


Go Reds.


  1. Very nice set... I have the whole Bowman run of sox sets49-55 except for 54 which has the Williams card that was pulled and goes for crazy money

    1. Nice. I'm a long way from '48, '49, and '53, but I'm within 5 on '50, '51, '52, and '55. Short prints though, though I probably won't drop the dollars.