Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Completely Red: 2012 Leaf Pete Rose The Living Legend

This set was clearly released as a big eff you to Topps and their exclusive players' license, seeing as Pete Rose has been banned from the players' union as well. It's all a huge shame, because this set is pretty sweet, but the airbrushed logos really, really detract.

We have a 50 card set, mostly from Pete's time with the Reds, but a healthy dose of Phillies and Expos as well. And of course, some goofy candid shots, a few of which are so unashamedly 70's that I question the sanity of anyone who was an adult around this time.

All but one of these were picked up from dime boxes. I couldn't find card number 5 for some reason, so I bit down and paid $0.18 + $0.63 shipping from Sportlots because I was annoyed having 49/50. So $5.71 spent, all told. Acceptable.

Go Reds.

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