Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ebay Autos

Eight autos shipped for $11. Wicked awesome.

Tom Foley. Majors 1983-1995. Reds 1983-1985.

B.J. Szymanski. Reds Minor Leagues 2004-2008.

Todd Etler. Reds Minor Leagues 1992-1999.

Zachary Stewart. Reds Minor Leagues 2008-2009. Currently with the Braves' farm system.

Kyle Lotzkar. Reds Minor Leagues 2007-2013. Currently in the Rangers' farm system.

David Gil. Reds Minor Leagues 2000-2004.

Rick Magdelano (sic). Drafted by the Reds in 1992. Never signed.

Chris Piersoll. 11 game Major League career with the Reds, 2001.

Go Reds.

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