Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Still More Show Stuff

Yeah that's right. Tons of post content in the scan folder from the recent rrrrrrrreally big show. It makes me happy.

Gold Label. Various Classes. Surprisingly didn't have any of these 6 variations among my meager Gold Label collection.

I was aware of the 2012 Leaf Pete Rose set. I have all 50. But I was somehow not aware of the 2011 Leaf Pete Rose set, replete with foil. The set has 60 base cards. I got some huntin to do.

Some 2015 Ginter. We've all seen these.

Old guys on new cards. All Upper Deck. Frank looks like he's about to beat me up.

Pacific oddballs. Yes, oddballs. Even Pacific base are oddballs. Look at this glorious silliness.

New-ish stuff. Panini Elite, Select, Prizm, and Donruss. It's becoming very clear how boring Panini is with their base cards.

Nice little pile of Leaf Rookies & Stars needs. Wily Mo may be the only name you've heard of, unless you're an idiot Reds card collector, like myself.

The Stadium Club Silver has some contest submission instructions on the back instead of stats. Who would send away such an excellent parallel? Crazy.

Old Upper Deck SP. Keeping track of SP is a pain in my ass.

Random nonsense. The Konerko TEK is pattern 83. Only 89 to go!

Oh here's some excellent cardage. Pacific Crown Die Cuts. Mmmmmm. Look at all that die cut action. Unnnnnnnnh.

Go Reds.

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