Saturday, August 29, 2015

Completely Red: 2000 Fleer Ultra

All the 'futuristic' stuff in the 20th century seemed to have a '2000' tag on it. Things like the Hoover Vacuum 2000, or the Ronco Turnip Twaddler 2000 conveyed that the product was advanced beyond the current era. Then once the actual year 2000 came, well, hey, it's just another year. So I suppose Fleer decided to shoot back a couple decades with a design that screams, to me, 'it's 1981 and here's what the future of fonts looks like'. By the way, despite my mocking, I really like it.

Bonus: Short Print Gookie!


Cards - 9

RC's - 0

All Stars - 6 (Dmitri Young, Scott Williamson, Sean Casey, Pete Harnisch, Greg Vaughn, Barry Larkin)

Hall of Famers - 1 (Barry Larkin)

Reds Hall of Famers - 2 (Barry Larkin, Sean Casey)

Big Boys Showing Some Hustle - 1 (Dmitri Young)


21 Pokey Reese
31 Dmitri Young
39 Scott Williamson
64 Sean Casey
74 Eddie Taubensee
128 Pete Harnisch
148 Greg Vaughn
157 Barry Larkin
285 Travis Dawkins PROS SP

Go Reds.

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