Thursday, August 13, 2015

Swing Hard, Swing Often: A Donkey of a Collection - Part 7

Five random Adam Dunn Cards. Series explanation can be found in Part 1. Roll 'em.
Card #31 - 2006 Upper Deck #122
One of Adam Dunn's 462 home run trots. How about a 462 card set of these, somebody? You did it for Bonds, and he sucks.

Card #32 - 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History Box Score Memories #BSM14 /699
More home run lovin'. Two dingers, five RBIs, hey how 'bout a walk. Decent.

Card #33 - 2004 Topps Finest Relics #AD
Topps Finest is always insane with the colors. They offset the plain gray swatch nicely.

Card #34 - 2003 Bowman #34
A Bowman base card. What is there to say? It's not a promising 19 year old on his First Bowman Card, so these get thrown into suffocating dime boxes.

Card #35 - 2003 Bowman Heritage #62
Here's where Bowman reminded us that photography used to be very blurry post-WWII. Ah, memories.

Go Reds.

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