Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Vote on the Last Bits of the Tourney

Allllllrighty. These are the last seven match-ups of the first round of the aptly named Non-Topps Non-Bowman Reds Vintage Tournament. Check the brackets here. The cream is slowly rising.

Vote on your favorite. Voting closes Monday at noon. Go Reds.

Match-up P: #23 1925 W590 Jim Caveney vs. #42 1976 Discs Ken Griffey

Match-up Q: #30 1961 Post Billy Martin vs. #35 1976 Pepsi Glove Discs Pete Rose

Match-up R: #14 1962 Post Frank Robinson vs. #51 1976 Greyhound Joe Morgan

Match-up S: #19 1952 Red Man Ewel Blackwell vs. #46 1976 Kellogg's Clay Carroll

Match-up T: #27 1973 Kellogg's Joe Morgan vs. #38 1919 W514 Ira Wingo

Match-up U: #11 1977 Kellogg's Joe Morgan vs. #54 1969 Globe Imports Jim Maloney

Match-up V: #22 1978 Kellogg's George Foster vs. #43 1960 Leaf Brooks Lawrence

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