Saturday, August 1, 2015


In remembrance of Johnny Cueto's and Mike Leake's Reds tenures, let's run through some more Reds Not Reds cards I picked up from last week's show. A nice mix of vintage and modern guys. I'm sitting at 380 for this project plus another 110 on the way. There have been about 1900 Reds of which about 1575 had suited up for another team as well. I got miles to go, brother.

Clint Hurdle is a nice surprise. 19 games for the Reds in 1982.

Vada Pinson in a classic tilted-background Topps release. I avoided Frank Robinson in an Orioles uniform, because that trade sucked.

Whoops. That Fred Toney is actually a Red uniform. No matter. I'm sure there's thousands of cards of a guys who played in 1917, right?

Frank Viola is a sneaky Red. 3 games in 1995. Same with HOFer Lloyd Waner. 55 games in 1941.

Go Reds. And RIP Roddy Piper. Making heaven a little more rowdy.

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  1. Nice haul. Love the Hank Sauer. He looks every day of his 40 or so years.