Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mailday Part III

The final post in regard to Monday's mailday, then it's back to the usual single card nonsense we've all grown to love here at Red Cardboard. Yesterday was the vintage half, today is the modern half. Leading off...
1980s minis. 1989 Topps complete set, a 1988 Topps Franco which completes my set, 2 Topps UK minis, and the 1988 Fleer complete set. I like Topps modifying their base design for the minis. The 89s are nice. Moving on.
2013 Topps parallels. Making good progress on these sets. Love the Cozart photo.
A handful of Refractors. Ooooooh. Shiiiiiiiiny.
Random parallels. Volquez serial numbered out of 449. Is that Dontrelle Willis? Yeesh.
Bunch of inserts I didn't own. That Bench Golden Greats finishes the set. The Dunn 1991 throwback brings back memories of the 50 bajillion 1991 Topps gracing the shelves of my childhood room.
Set fillers. Unacceptable not to have had those two Topps Griffeys yet, even if they were from the update set.
And finally, 5 players for whom I owned no mem cards. Dmitri Young, Felipe Lopez, Juan Francisco, Scott Rolen, and Wily Mo Pena. All on the cheap.

Here's hoping my Reds remember their bats tonight against the Angels. Go Latos and go Reds!

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