Friday, April 26, 2013

1963 Topps Pete Rose!

Well...kind of. Sorry. Like I can afford an already short printed rookie card that all the kids of 1963 threw in the garbage because of the hideous floating heads adorning that year's RC's. There are a lot of ebay search results that pull this little Pete Rose stunt. And it's probably technically wrong, since this is likely a team shot from 1962. Unless Topps was really on the ball with their team shots. I somehow doubt it. The only candidate for being #14 is top row second from right (with the 1 tucked under his arm), but that don't look like Petey. Top row third from the right might be him. Again, assuming this is a 1963 photo. 

Ah well. I still have this excellent team card anyway (1963 Topps #63).

I just brought in 150+ cards of dime box goodness, so I have all kinds of hidden treasures to post in the next few days. 

Here's a pic of the Rose rookie, just to ease your woes. The first official featured card on Red Carboard that I don't own. Go Redlegs.

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