Thursday, April 18, 2013

2003 Topps 205 #77A/77B

Time to play Spot the Difference. This variation-laden set from a decade ago is a bit silly. I love the modern throwbacks to early 1900s cards, but this homage to the subtleties of old tobacco sets is a touch goofy. This particular set features 26 (!) variations of Adam Dunn. Three photos (if you consider the above to be two photos) and a bevy of various back designs. Throw in some green and purple parallels of these variations and you're left with a mess. In case you're still wondering, Dunn's mouth is slightly open in the card on the right, which leads to the excellent official card titles of "Adam Dunn Closed Mouth" and "Adam Dunn Open Mouth" in the checklist. So, so goofy. I wonder which one was from the original photo and which one was doctored.

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