Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Gypsy Queen Reds Base + Inserts

Alrighty, let's check out the new Topps Gypsy Queen release.

17 regular base cards. Pretty similar to last year's cards. This time with a little more border and a lot more Photoshop filters. Love that Chapman card. The Cozart is framed pretty cool with the ball just making it inside the border. The Perez stands out a bit with the nature background instead of blurry stands, though I believe I've seen that photo used before. I've definitely seen the Robinson photo before. Overall, lookin pretty good. Also...

Some excellent inserts this year. I like these scores better than last year's. Pretty stoked that the Bailey no-hitter is getting some love. I had to double-take to notice this is indeed a different photo than his base card, though perhaps a different pose would have been nice. The Cueto is fantastic, but sullied by Topps reusing that photo (I'm pretty sure). The Bench collision card is nice. It probably took a while to dig up a collision photo for Bench, as he artfully dodged most of the time, but of course still made the tags. The Morgan would be better but the Oakland A is occupying more space. What's cool, though, is since it's an A being slid into, this must have been a photo from the '72 World Series, which the Reds unfortunately lost in 7.
Overall, I'm very happy with these cards. Perhaps the short prints and some parallels will find their way into my collection someday, but I'm in no hurry.


  1. That Perez photo is the same Topps used in 1973. Wish they would be a little more creative and not recycle photos from their old base product

    1. Yeah, I really don't understand why they re-use photos. Especially on cards like this that are heavily photoshopped, since the original doesn't even need to be crystal clear so they have more options. I'm currently compiling a montage of a particular Robinson photo on Topps cards that is wayyyyy overused.