Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vintage Mailday! (Mailday Part Deux)

Hey kiddies. My Reds' forgot to take their bats out of the clubhouse yesterday. Such is life. 161 more games to go. I ain't scurred. The mailbag tease began yesterday with the apt Topps Opening Day stack. Here now is all the vintage that came yesterday. Tomorrow I'll post all the modern stuff. Leading off,
1952 Topps Grady Hatton. It's rare I nab a '52 Topps. So this made me particularly happy.
1961 Post Billy Martin. As beat up as you'd expect the old Posts to be. Just the way I like 'em.
1956 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team. Pen marks = cheap. Perfect.
1961 Fleer Ernie Lombardi. Not wild about this set, but I love Lombardi (MVP 1939).
1958 Topps Gus Bell. I think I had this card as a kid. Don't know what happened to it. Waited way too long to get a new one.
1964 Topps Giants Jim Maloney. Didn't own any of these. Now I do. Count it.
1966 Topps Rub-Offs Deron Johnson. Didn't own any of these, either. I'll try my best not to grab a quarter and affix it to my school notebook. No guarantees.
1954 Topps Herman Wehmeier. I know nothing about Mr. Wehmeier. But my 1954 collection is piddly. Now, slightly less.
1958 Topps Roy McMillan, Bob Henrich
1969 Topps Darrel Cheney
1960 Topps Whitey Lockman
1961 Topps Willie Jones
1965 Topps Bill Henry

Set fillers. But what respectable collection isn't resplendent with Whitey Lockman?
And lastly, 1962 Topps Frank Robinson All-Star. Love nabbing well-centered Robinsons for a pittance.

So much wonderful vintage. To the binders! Huzzah!

Back tomorrow with some modern goodies. Go Redlegs.

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