Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh Boy, It's a Vintage Mailday!

Got some more vintage today. It's piling up. It's fantastic. Leading off...
1956 Topps Hershell Freeman. Not sure what's going on with the chalk lines on the field or why Freeman just pitched into the outfield, but I still like it.
1954 Topps Connie Ryan. Look at that big ol' stain on the right. This card was begging to be added to the albums.
1975 Topps Mini Darrel Chaney, Clay Kirby. How have I acquired no '75 minis? Unforgivable. This is a start.
1973 Kellogg's Joe Morgan
1977 Kellogg's Cesar Geronimo.
Big Red Machine. Nuff said.
Wait, how could I possibly not have these Topps cards already in my binders?....
Aha. O-Pee-Chee. C'est magnifique.

1969 Topps Wayne Granger. Through horrible bookkeeping I didn't realize I needed this card until recently. Easily acquired.
Pile of 1976 SSPC. This (lack of) design is unforgivingly boring. They don't even deserve more than one picture. But they are indeed Reds cards. So I had to grab them at some point.
1952 Bowman Dick Sisler. Oooh, now we're talkin'. Son of an HoFer. I'm slowly falling in love with these '50-'52 Bowmans, even though they're small and vary in size year to year. I'll own them all eventually.
1977 Topps Cloth Stickers Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan. How are these not more valuable? They book for $4 and $2, respectively. The modern, over produced ones are worth more. Insanity.
And lastly, another excellent 1952 Topps card. This time, Virgil Stallcup. In an action pose. Superb. Modern mailday tomorrow. Go Redlegs.

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