Thursday, December 3, 2015

Completely Red: 1956 Topps

Ummm... holy crap I can't believe I've knocked this one off the set list. I don't have anything original to say about '56 Topps. We all love it. The color portraits overlaid on the color action shots. The large cartoons on the backs (which I scanned as well). The extra-big size. All friggin' sweet. Definitely in the discussion of the best Topps sets of all time. I finished this set with the Chuck Harmon via the COMC Black Friday sales. I still have a few variations to pick up, but those I consider bonuses. For now, this is at the top of my Completely Red achievements fo' sho'


Cards - 20

RC's - 1 (Al Silvera)

All Stars - 9 (Ted Kluszewski, Ray Jablonski, Roy McMillan, Gus Bell, Smoky Burgess, Johnny Temple, Joe Nuxhall, Brooks Lawrence, Rocky Bridges)

Reds Hall of Famers - 8 (Ted Kluszewski, Gus Bell, Wally Post, Johnny Temple, Joe Nuxhall, Roy McMillan, Smoky Burgess, Brooks Lawrence)


25 Ted Kluszewski
36 Rudy Minarcin
47 Art Fowler
86 Ray Jablonski
90 Redlegs Team
123 Roy McMillan
137 Al Silvera
158 Wally Post
162 "Gus" Bell
178 Joe Black
192 "Smoky" Burgess
212 Johnny Temple
218 Joe Nuxall
224 Bud Podbielan
242 Hershell Freeman
249 Johnny Klippstein
289 Hal Jeffcoat
305 Brooks Lawrence
308 Chuck Harmon
324 Rocky Bridges

Go Reds.

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