Thursday, December 31, 2015

Show Me Your Hits

Yeah, ok, that's a bad pun. But I do have some scans from a card show from a while back. Only one hit though...
2015 Topps Update All Star Stitches Devin Mesoraco. One of the few Reds we haven't shopped yet. Here's hoping.

Here's some 2015 insert stuff. Heritage New Age Performers, Update First Home Run, Update Robbed in Left, Heritage Combo Cards.

Oooh, New Donruss. Elite Series /999, The Rookies, and All-Time Diamond Kings. Donruss sure does try their best, don't they?

Couple of RC's I was missing. Well, at least I thought I was. Had the Bruce, needed the Hamilton.

Bowman Platinum parallels. Sure, why not.

Here's a menagerie of new additions. In order: Cueto Elite is meh. Love the Bruce TriStar. Love the Cueto Tek. The Winkler totally counts as a Reds card. I forget if that Reggie Stars is a parallel or not. I already had the Griffey Chrome, but whatever. More Griffey is good Griffey. Hey, anybody remember Fleer Impact? Yeah, that Carroll totally counts as a Reds card, too. And the Seaver is some Topps reprint insert thingy.

And the closer is a couple sweet 80's Fleer stickers. Didn't have either of these. And yes, I'm a grown man buying stickers. Come at me.

Go Reds.

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