Tuesday, December 8, 2015

COMC Hoopla - Part 2 of ?: Vintage Cards That Aren't Topps Base Cards

Not to be hatin' on the flagship, or anything, mind you.

So many treats from COMC in the scan folder. Welcome to Part 2 of the one-millionth card blog showing off Black Friday cards. Enjoy.

1933 Goudey Larry Benton. My fourth Goudey Red. My first showing off a background other than a solid color. Pretty frickin sweet card right here if you ask me.

1977 Sertoma Stars Chico Ruiz. I had never seen anything like this. Apparently they were issued at card shows in Indianapolis in 1977. Qualifications for the set were either you were born in Indiana, you played for the Indianapolis minor league team, or you were Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, or Satchel Paige.

Hello Joe Morgan Hostess cards. I've been needing you.

How do you one-up Joe Morgan? Why, Johnny Bench, of course. This is my first from Hostess' first set in 1975. They're either much rarer or in much higher demand, I suppose.

How do you one-up Johnny Bench? Why, Pete Rose, of course. Look at that photo framing, bah gawd.
How do you one-up Pete Rose Hostess? Why, Pete Rose Kellogg's, of course. Mint condition obviously.

Ok, this Tom Terrific isn't a one-upper, but it sure is nice. I am plucking away at these Hostess and Kellogg's sets. Someday, old friends. Someday.

The closer is a 1970 Topps Super Pete Rose. My first. Super thick. Super big. I don't even know how these were distributed and sold. Big packs with "GIANT CARDS" plastered on the front would seem to get the job done.

Much, much more to come with the new stuff. Don't forget to keep voting in the sidebar over the next, I don't know, 12 years, as we plow through my latest ridiculous tournament.

Go Reds.


  1. That Pete Rose Hostess card would probably have caused my college photography professor to give up the profession had she seen it. However, love the Goudey and the Sertoma oddities.

    1. Priority 1: Place subject's face 3/4 of the way up and in the center. Priority 2: There is no priority 2.

    2. I literally laughed out loud. That Super is amazing

  2. I agree about that Goudey, frickin sweet! BTW typo on the 1970 Pete Rose or wishful thinking?

  3. Wasn't Chico Ruiz the "Basebo' been berry, berry good to me" guy?

    1. Love 'em all, but I particularly love the Super Pete Rose. I got curious about how they were sold a couple of years ago... They were sold in wax packs; if the video I found on YouTube is any indication, it was 3 cards and a stick of gum for a dime... or at least they were in 1971.

      I don't know if it's perspective playing games, but the guy who made the video has ginormous hands.

      ..and if the 1971 Super wrapper looks familiar, it's because it was appropriated for 2013 Archives.

  4. Great Black Friday haul. Yes the Ztopps supers were sold three to a pack. I remember ripping a few