Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vote in The Oddball World Cup: Groups G/H, Fourth Pairings

Soldier on, fellow blog hounds. Soldier On.

Voting closes Tuesday. Go Reds.

Group G/Match 10: 1992 UD Looney Tunes Dave Martinez vs. 1988 Starting Lineup Eric Davis

Group G/Match 11: 1989 Swell Johnny Vander Meer vs. 1994 Tombstone Barry Larkin

Group G/Match 12: 2003 Bazooka Comics Griffeys vs. 1981 TCMA 60's Billy Martin

Group H/Match 10: 1993 Ted Williams POGs Reds/Royals vs. 1981 Squirt George Foster

Group H/Match 11: 1991 Pepsi Reds Paul O'Neill vs. 1995 Kraft Barry Larkin

Group H/Match 12: 2003 Cracker Jack Sean Casey vs. 1996 Denny's Barry Larkin


  1. Is there anything more 90's than pogs in a baseball card?

  2. Dammit, you made me vote for Billy Martin! I hate when that happens.