Monday, December 28, 2015

Back from Hiatus - Have a Vote in The Oddball World Cup, Will Ya?

Holidays kept me away from posting. Y'all know how it is. But we're back with more oddities.

Voting closes Wednesday. Go Reds.

Group I/Match 10: 1989 Ames Eric Davis vs. 1980 Cramer Legens Ernie Lombardi

Group I/Match 11: 1986 Quaker Oats Pete Rose vs. 1990 Hills Eric Davis

Group I/Match 12: 2001 MLB Showdown Pokey Reese vs. 1992 Jimmy Dean Reggie Sanders

Group J/Match 10: 1989 Pacific Senior League Dan Driessen vs. 1982 Reds Yearbook Tom Seaver

Group J/Match 11: 1984 Ralston Purina Dave Concepcion vs. 1991 Bazooka Hal Morris

Group J/Match 12: 1994 Post Barry Larkin vs. 1993 Cardtoons Rob Dibble

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