Sunday, December 13, 2015

COMC Hoopla - Part 4 of ?: Adam Dunn

I keep buying silly Adam Dunn cards. Because I like Adam Dunn and I like silly baseball cards.

2008 Ginter Framed Bat Relic. A mini bat piece with a mini window in a mini card in a mini frame. Sounds good.

2003 Leaf  Maple and Ash Relic. I like this as a set name. That is why I bought it.

That Topps Cosigners is some type of parallel numbered out of some number. I forget the details. But hello there, Mr. Griffey. That 2001 Topps Gold is sweet. And the Moments and Milestones I normally wouldn't care about, but they were like fifty cents each. Even though the mere 29 copies of each is fraudulent, I'm still satisfied.

Wicked cheap relic from one of the billion Fleer sets. Alrighty.

UD Baseball Heroes continues to be one of my favorite all-time sets. That is my first Topps Copper. And the Donruss Elite is serial numbered because Donruss was serial numbering their inserts back then.

Refractor, refractor, refractor, acetate. Of all the stats to highlight, we're putting walks on the front of the card? Weird.

Another super cheap relic. Unique cutout window at least.

Ummm... figure out for yourself what all these are. That Studio Portrait on the right is serialed out of only 35, which is neato. And the finest in the upper left is the refractor version. Shibby.

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Go Reds.

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  1. I also liked that they included his middle name on the front of that Bowman Heritage relic; you don't see that very often.