Monday, June 1, 2015

Swing Hard, Swing Often: A Donkey of a Collection - Part 1

I am feeling the need to highlight a player collection on the ol' blog. There are many choices. I'd say Griffey and Larkin are pretty well taken care of around our silly little world. I could choose someone from The Big Red Machine, but Bench/Morgan/Perez pop up in half of modern sets anyway, so there's no need to add to the pile.

I've landed on Adam Dunn, a.k.a. "The Big Donkey". I played baseball the same way he did. Swing hard and swing often. Bash it a hundred feet over the fence or strikeout on three pitches. That's how men do it, kiddo.

Like with my Barry Larkins, I do not go out of my way to collect Adam Dunn cards. They just happen. I have over 400. I will let the gods and devils of choose five to highlight for each installment. Let's ride.
Card #1 - 2001 Topps Traded #T98

This is a Dunn RC, if you go by my rules. He had a 1999 flagship, but he didn't debut until 2001. He finished 4th in ROY voting, even though he only played in 66 games. Not too shabby.

Card #2 - 2008 Topps Own the Game #OTG-5

2008 would be Dunn's last year in Cincy, being traded to Arizona mid-year. I honestly don't understand the purpose of this insert set. 'Own the Game' seems like something you'd name a relic set.

Card #3 - 2002 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition #76

One of the 800 Fleer sets put out around this time. It appears Adam Dunn was shinier than his teammates.

Card #4 - 2004 Donruss #246

Home Run swing. Count it.

Card #5 - 2008 Topps Finest #57

Yet another home run swing. I get a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of these. Also, this design looks like a door leading to the main deck of the Starship Enterprise.

Go Reds.

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