Sunday, June 28, 2015

Swing Hard, Swing Often: A Donkey of a Collection - Part 5

Five random Adam Dunn Cards. Series explanation can be found in Part 1. Roll 'em.
Card #21 - 2006 Fleer Ultra Home Run Kings #HRK9
Standard insertion stuff here. This was in the middle of five consecutive years of 40+ home runs, the last four of which were exactly 40. Noice.

Card #22 - 2003 Fleer Double Header #195-196
Most cards from this set are undersized. Then, for the high numbers, we have these things that unfold, exposing a second player. Of note is that the fold is such that they share a pair of legs:
It's strange. But this was Fleer's 80th set this year, so they had to get a little "creative" with a few of em.

Card #23 - 2004 Donruss Studio #56
Roebling Suspension Bridge, Carew Tower, Scripps Center. Lookin' good.

Card #24 - 2008 Upper Deck Goudey #50
Sneaky Crimson Griffey is watching you. Also, that dude in the background is totally crowding the plate.

Card #25 - 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Jersey Black /125 #48
I love 2008 UD BH. I wish I had more. If memory serves, there are red, green, brown, blue, light blue, and beige parallels. At least.

Go Reds.


  1. That 2004 Studio card makes it look like he's never held a bat in his life!

    1. yeah, it's like they caught him mid-adjustment or something.

  2. Now you have to go out and get yourself a Toops 55 double header. Fleer did a pretty good job ripping off the design