Friday, June 26, 2015

Completely Red: 1987 Fleer/Fleer Update

It's blue. What more is there to say? Blue, blue, and blue. Some action shots. Mostly posed. But I'm too distracted by the blueness to pay any attention to that. The two redeeming cards are the Pete Rose 1B/MGR and of course the Larkin RC. Is it just me, or would it be nice if modern sets went alphabetically by team and numbered consecutively like was done here? I dig it.


Cards - 35

RC's - 2 (Barry Larkin, Lloyd McClendon)

All Stars - 13 (Buddy Bell, Tom Browning, Dave Concepcion, Eric Davis, Bo Diaz, John Franco, Barry Larkin, Dave Parker, Tony Perez, Pete Rose, Mario Soto, Kurt Stillwell, Paul O'Neill)

Hall of Famers - 2 (Barry Larkin, Tony Perez)

Reds Hall of Famers - 8 (Tony Perez, Dave Concepcion, Mario Soto, Eric Davis, Tom Browning, Barry Larkin, Dave Parker, Ron Oester)


193 Buddy Bell
194 Tom Browning
195 Sal Butera
196 Dave Concepcion
197 Kal Daniels
198 Eric Davis
199 John Denny
200 Bo Diaz
201 Nick Esasky
202 John Franco
203 Bill Gullickson
204 Barry Larkin
205 Eddie Milner
206 Rob Murphy
207 Ron Oester
208 Dave Parker
209 Tony Perez
210 Ted Power
211 Joe Price
212 Ron Robinson
213 Pete Rose
214 Mario Soto
215 Kurt Stillwell
216 Max Venable
217 Chris Welsh
218 Carl Willis
631 Fernando Valenzuela/John Franco
639 Dave Parker/Ryne Sandberg
651 Tracy Jones/Marvin Freeman
656 Checklist Reds/Blue Jays/Indians/Giants
45U Guy Hoffman
55U Tracy Jones
74U Lloyd McClendon
94U Paul O'Neill
127U Frank Williams

Go Reds.

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