Friday, June 12, 2015


JustCommons Cards That Have Been In My Scan Folder Way Too Long. Part 2. Roll em out.

1993 Classic Best Gold. A little minor league lovin'. John Roper andPokey Reese made the Reds' roster. Tucker Hammargren, John Hrusovsky, Elliott Quinones, and Dan Frye, well, not quite.

1994 Classic Chad Mottola, Tim Belk, John Roper, Poley Reese. All eventual Reds. All members of the Chattanooga Lookouts with their creepy logo.

What's that? I finished off the 1992 Leaf Black Gold Team Set? Shibby.

2015 Donruss. Meh.

2015 Topps Opening Day. Somehow neglected to pick up Brandon Phillips, so this set is a card short. Bollocks, man.

Closing out with a replacement 1977 Topps Dan Driessen. I normally don't care about condition for older cards, but there's really no excuse for such hideousness from a '77 common that can be (and was) replaced for fifteen cents. I'm happy now.

Go Reds.

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