Monday, June 22, 2015

Random Newness

Again with the eBay shenanigans and my quarter bids. Here's a few collecting dust in the ol' scan folder.

1997 Bowman Chrome International Refractor Aaron Boone RC. It's nice to find "old" refractors. Most are collecting dust in dealer's garages, I assume.

2007 Topps Moments and Milestones Adam Dunn 17HR and 38 HR. Both serial numbered out of 150, so that's nice. A bit of artificial scarcity though, with only the home run total changing. Forty home runs times 150 each is 6000 cards. Any Dunn is good Dunn, though.

2007 Topps Moments and Milestones Black Adam Dunn 14HR. Serial numbered out of 29, so a touch better at 1160 copies. The three of these combines cost a stamp plus eleven cents.

2014 Topps Blue Bronson Arroyo. Retail only, baby.

2013 Bowman Chrome Refractors Theo Bowe, 2014 Bowman Chrome Refractors Ben Lively. Maybe these guys will be stars in the pros. Maybe not. But they can rest easy knowing they have shiny pictures of themselves tucked away in my binders.

Go Reds.


  1. Nice bunch of cards. I think I like the Aaron Boone one the most.

    1. I do too. Vintage refractor, I suppose.