Saturday, December 27, 2014

Completely Red: 2001 Stadium Club

The latest resurrection of Stadium Club got the blog world all atwitter with its sweet photography. So today we'll check out an older post-junk-wax-era set from da Club: 2001.

We have a 200 card set with 50 short prints. Six total Reds (no short prints, woot) and a bevy of exceptional photography. Nice shiny nameplate, as well. Let's look through one at a time, eh?

#7 Barry Larkin. "SAFE, bitches!"

#24 Pete Harnisch. I absolutely love this card.

#33 Aaron Boone. Not even close, John Vander Wal.

#43 Sean Casey. This looks like an upside down Bolivian flag. Yeah. What other card blog is referencing South American flags, huh? None other. That's who.

#74 Pokey Reese. The Pokester about to perfectly place a left-field chopper for a base hit.

#125 Ken Griffey Jr. I've heard of him. He's Craig's brother, right?

Go Reds.

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  1. Great looking cards! Aaron Boone card is a pretty thing!