Thursday, December 4, 2014

Completely Red: 1955 Bowman

This is a set I finished off thanks to COMC's Black Friday. Two TTM replacements (since a card in the autos binder does NOT count toward the collection, obviously) and a coach finished off the lot. Sweet.

This is a set I used to not like. I've turned around on it. The TV-in-a-wood-grained-piece-of-furniture pleasantly dates these cards. Perhaps the kitsch value was lost on the kids of the time, as Bowman vanished immediately afterward. But we've got some cool looking cards in here. We even have managers, coaches, and like thirty umpires, which is crazy. Ten percent of the checklist is umpires. So weird.

As for the Reds, the Gus Bell and the Joe Nuxhall stand out. I also really like the Johnny Temple RC. And I like Birdie Tebbetts manager card and Dick Bartell coach card, just because it's so odd to include them. I'd love for some bench coach cards in the flagship today. Crank that checklist over a thousand, Topps. Do it.


Cards - 17

RC's - 2 (Johnny Temple, Elvin Tappe)

All Stars - 8 (Johnny Temple, Andy Seminick, Rocky Bridges, Gerry Staley, Joe Nuxhall, Birdie Tebbetts, Dick Bartell, Gus Bell)

Reds Hall of Famers - 4 (Gus Bell, Wally Post, Johnny Temple, Joe Nuxhall)

Rats Chewing on Andy Seminick - 2

Yards in Staley's Stare - 100


31 Johnny Temple
32 Wally Post
49 Jim Greengrass
50 Hobie Landrith
51 Elvin Tappe
93 Andy Seminick
118 Bobby Adams
136 Rocky Bridges
152 Johnny Klippstein
155 Gerry Staley
189 Jack Collum
190 Fred Baczewski
193 Howie Judson
194 Joe Nuxhall
232 Birdie Tebbetts
234 Dick Bartell
243 Gus Bell

Go Reds.

Bonus Autos:


  1. Congrats on the completion. Always feels good when you can finish a true "vintage" set