Friday, July 11, 2014

Sportlots Keeps Taking My Money

...and all they send me in return are small pictures of dudes wearing odd outfits and galavanting around a park, often wielding sticks.

I dropped a few more bucks on a Sportlots tear, not too long after my previous one. Free shipping at the 150-card mark from this dealer was enticing. Luckily, he somehow had 150 Reds that I didn't. This will be a 2-day venture. Roll it.

Ahhhh, fresh Larkins. Good for the soul. The top row are from 2001 Topps Fusion, a set I was aware of, but had no knowledge of. Apparently Topps smashed together five of their sets into one release. This was back when they used new photos every time, so I approve. Especially because of the added Larkins. The middle is a 1993 Sausage Fest. The bottom row is from 1995 Stadium Club's World Series parallel. Those foil stamps mean everything. Speaking of...


AND MORE!!!! I'm only missing the Barry Larkin base from the team set. The three above are all subsets. I don't know the circumstances behind this particular release, and my 15 seconds of research was inconclusive. No matter. They're mine now.

What can I say about random Pacific cards? Yeah.

Here's a category-less smattering. Those '87s are Tiffany. I'm now only missing the Pete Rose non-manager card and the Larkin RC. Those are both 'spensive, so my hopes are low. Very nice to add these two to the binders, though.

1990 ProCards Cedar Rapids Reds. Includes a sweet checklist card right up front. This team finished a stellar 88-46 in 1990. And you know what? These cards ain't half bad. Espcially for minor league issues, which have a propensity for awfulness.

And we'll close out today with 80's Topps sticker goodness. Rose, Parker, Seaver. I think the two-sticker split on Rose there was a nod to his eventual playing time in Canada. 

Part 2 tomorrow, kiddies. Go Reds.

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