Monday, July 14, 2014

Sportlots Keeps Taking My Money - Part 2

Oh hey, so, I apparently scheduled this post incorrectly prior to going out of town. I know you all have been staying up all night in an insomniatic haze, staring blankly at your computer screens waiting for the second part to my previous Sportlots post, so my apologies are as voluminous as Devin Mesoraco's stat sheet.

Let's wrap this up.

1986 Topps Rose. Hey, remember when Topps was allowed to put Petey's face on a card? They even put out a 150 card set in honor of his record-breaking hit. And even though we have a Phillies uni, an Expos uni, and a SOFTBALL uni, I'm still choosing to count all of these as Reds cards.

And here's six more. That sliding painting is pretty great. And the bottom middle card, I think, may involve some Nachos Enhancing Drugs, IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Picked up about half of the 1988 Fleer Glossy team set. They actually changed the color on the backs to blue, making these much easier to identify than their 1987 counterparts.

Finished off the 2001 UD Victory team set. Not a terribly exciting set, but it's nice to finish. Nice Angels jersey, Seth Etherton.

Also finished off the 2003 UD 40-Man set. The New Releases rookie subset is pretty slick, I say. Overall, considering this was a 'cheap' set, it's pretty high quality. Come back, Upper Deck. I can't quit you.

Sneaky parallels here. 1996 Stadium Club Silver. The base set had gold foil. These rarer parallels have silver foil. That seems backwards. The silver works better.

Then the TSC subset features silver and blue for the base, but silver and gold for the silver parallel. Um, yeah. 
And we'll close with a surprisingly tough group to find: 1992 Fleer Update. This was the first time I'd seen anything from this set since I started back up. I have no idea why these are so hard to find, but I no longer have to care. Excellent. Warning: Be wary of Bippage.

Go Reds.

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