Friday, July 25, 2014

Completely Red: 2005 Topps Total

I think we look back and marvel at the size of Topps Total and Upper Deck 40-Man sets, but if you include the Update portion of recent Topps flagships, you'll find all these sets are comparably gigantic. The difference is repeated players. For instance, 2005 Topps Total features 33 different Reds on 25 cards and 2013 Topps features 27 different reds on 33 cards. So maybe I'm not as romantic about the Total/40-Man runs as I had thought I was, though I still want them back, with a true 40-man roster showing this time. If the Reds professional organization paid you money to play baseball, I want you to have your own card every year. Do it, Topps.

Total dropped their set size this year, their last, by doubling-up some lesser know players. Weak sauce. Among the palyers who only merited half of a card are Edwin Encarnacion and 4 RC's.


Cards - 27

RC's - 4 (Craig Tatum, Javon Moran, Tyler Pelland, Jesse Guitierrez)

All Stars - 8 (Ken Griffey Jr., Jason LaRue, Danny Graves, Eric Milton, Sean Casey, Adam Dunn, Rich Aurilia, Edwin Encarnacion)

Reds Hall of Famers - 2 (Ken Griffey Jr., Sean Casey)

Umm...Who? - Around 15


 29 Javier Valentin 
 31 Brandon Claussen 
 53 Paul Wilson 
 60 Ken Griffey Jr. 
 76 Jason LaRue 
 87 Felipe Lopez 
 95 Wily Mo Pena 
 138 Danny Graves 
 159 Eric Milton 
 183 Ryan Freel 
 185 Sean Casey 
 190 Adam Dunn 
 231 Joe Randa 
 251 Ramon Ortiz 
 424 D'Angelo Jimenez 
 525 Austin Kearns 
 573 Rich Aurilia 
 593 Jose Acevedo - Kent Mercker 
 605  Ryan Wagner - Aaron Harrang 
 617  David Weathers - Ben Weber
 659  Luke Hudson - Joe Valentine
 676 Matt Belisle - Josh Hancock 
 707 Ray Olmedo - Edwin Encarnacion 
 731 Craig Tatum - Javon Moran
 746  Tyler Pelland - Jesse Gutierrez
Go Reds.


  1. I have a decent amount of Reds cards for trade. Mostly game used/parallels....Shoot me an email if you get a chance.

  2. I love the two-player cards from that set, and man the Reds had a ton of them.