Monday, July 28, 2014

Completely Red: 1969 Topps

Everyone likes this set, right? I don't find it terribly great. What I do find great, though, is having completed any team set from the 60's. I've actually had this set completed for a while, but I just couldn't acknowledge it due to this...
I mean, just, yuck. But I went to a show recently and snagged a much nicer replacement...
Ahh. Much better. But back to the set, there's a lot of verycloseups, sans cap, which i don't care for. But we have three Sporting News All Star cards, which are pretty nice, and the Bench All Star Rookie card is very excellent. But all Bench cards are excellent. Also, a nice smattering of RC's and Reds Hall of Famers. So maybe the set ain't so bad. 


Cards - 31

RC's - 4 (Steve Mingori, Jose Pena, Wayne Granger, Darrel Chaney)

All Stars - 11 (Pete Rose, Clay Carroll, Tommy Helms, Johnny Bench, Leon Wagner, Alex Johnson, Tony Perez, Jim Maloney, Lee May, Gary Nolan, Jim Merritt)

Hall of Famers - 2 (Johnny Bench, Tony Perez)

Reds Hall of Famers - 8 (Jim Maloney, Tommy Helms, Clay Caroll, Wayne Granger, Gary Nolan, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Lee May)

Flat Tops -5

Alou Brothers - 67%


 2 NL Batting Leaders - Pete Rose / Matty Alou / Felipe Alou 
 26 Clay Carroll 
 70 Tommy Helms 
 81 Mel Queen 
 95 Johnny Bench 
 120 Pete Rose 
 142 Woody Woodward 
 187 Leon Wagner 
 213 Gerry Arrigo 
 234 Dave Bristol 
 259 Bill Short 
 280 Alex Johnson 
 295 Tony Perez 
 318 Jack Fisher 
 339 Rookie stars - Steve Mingori / Jose Pena 
 362 Jim Maloney 
 382 Pat Corrales 
 405 Lee May 
 418 Tommy Helms AS 
 424 Pete Rose AS 
 430 Johnny Bench AS 
 448 Bob Tolan 
 469 Chico Ruiz 
 492 Tony Cloninger 
 518 Fred Whitfield 
 551 Wayne Granger 
 581 Gary Nolan 
 613 Jim Beauchamp  
 624 Rookie Stars - Darrel Chaney / Duffy Dyer / Terry Harmon
 635 George Culver 
 661 Jim Merritt 

Go Reds.


  1. Great upgrade on the Rose. Those TSN All-Star cards are a bright spot in an otherwise boring set.

  2. That upgrade was too long coming.

  3. I dunno, that first Pete Rose card has more character. :D Congrats on the complete set, looks great!