Thursday, July 17, 2014

Show Country for Old Men - Part 1/3

First up, I finally got to the post office and got all the contest packages mailed (except Erik Eckstein - contact me, brozilla). So rejoice, contest winners. The fate of your cards is in the hands of the government.

There was a mini-show last weekend on the south side of Columbus. There's a huge show at the end of the month, so I should have saved up and not gone to this one. But I am weak. Luckily, this show featured my favorite type of dealer, and the namesake of these posts: The jaded old guy who has turned completely bitter and lost all semblance of caring. The one who just wants to move his merchandise. He keeps buying large lots, barely knows what's in em, and just wants someone to take em all. He can't escape the circle of buying 10,000, selling 3,000, buying another 10,000 with the profits, selling 3,000, repeat, repeat, repeat, until the end of time. He wants to stop. He just can't. Lucky for me, and those like me, when I can spend an hour digging through his stuff, come up with a big ol' stack, and inform him that after all this time, I've got fifteen dollars worth of stuff from the 5/$1 boxes. Sorry buddy. This is your fate.

Let's check out Part 1, which is a parallel bonanza.

Some 2013 Gypsy Queen White Frames. Noice.

Refractor goodness. That LaRue is my first refractor from 2001 Topps. Apparently they have a non-glossed back and are referred to as 'retrofractors'. Alrighty then.

More refraction. The Platinum Purple Buckley is wicked shiny, yo. 

Hmmm... somebody tore up their local Wal-Mart card aisle in 2011.

And then again in 2012.

Okay, seriously. There were so many blue Topps parallels in this guy's boxes. He clearly cleaned out every Wal-Mart in his county. I wonder how many shows these poor Topps cards have been to before being rescued by yours truly.

1999 UD Black Diamond Double Paul Konerko #'d/3000 and 1997 Donruss Elite Turn of the Century Chad Mottola #'d/3000. Oh man! ONLY 3000 copies exist of these! Cha-ching!

2012 Bowman International Scott Rolen
2012 Bowman Silver Ice Aroldis Chapman
2014 Topps Blue Jay Bruce
2009 Topps Black Brandon Phillips
All good lookin'.

The madness continues for two more parts, kiddies. Go Reds.


  1. Man, those Konerko's look sharp. I wonder how big a collection of JUST Topps flagship parallels from 2011-present would be.

  2. Love the Cubs yet love your blog. While searching for Cubs on eBay, I came across Play Ball I thought you'd dig: