Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Round 1/Group 12 Results

A sign of a good group is even results. There was a 3-way tie for first and a 4-way tie for fourth. Nice. So some executive decisions had to be made. Tied for first were the Adam Dunn Bowman Heritage Cornfield, the Jeff Reed Score Crying in Agony, and the classic '72 Topps Johnny Bench. For organization, I'm giving the win to Jeff Reed because I was a catcher and I've been trucked before. Compassion and empathy pervade. For the 4-spot, and moving on to Round 2, I'm giving it to the 2013 Zack Cozart because I just like that card too damn much to see it exit the tournament. This is an abuse of power. I do not care. Round 13 (have mercy, we're up to 13 of these?) will be up later today. A thanks to all of you regular voters out there, by the way. Go Reds.

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