Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Card Show Shenanigans - Part 6 - Wrap Up

Finally, the last post from the card show two Saturdays ago. Perhaps I've been dragging this out so long because of my sincere jealously of all you bloggers crashing The National and this is my attempt to make my 100 table Columbus show look important. Well it is, dagnabbit! All these posts I've seen about The National have pretty much guaranteed I'll make the trip to Cleveland for next year's, but that is painfully long from now. Ah well. Today, after showing some excellent vintage (Kahn's, Goudey, Red Man, Topps) and a bevy of autos, all I have left are a few dime box oddballs. But we all love cheap oddballs, now don't we. My favorite card I picked up at the show will lead us off.

1991 MooTown Snackers Chris Sabo. My favorite player growing up and a card from one of the silliest product names to issue cards. Perfect. I assume MooTown Snackers were individually wrapped string cheese? Not in the mood to research it. And I see the string cheese conglomerate couldn't afford the team logo license, a la the Post cards of the era. No mind. This puts my MooTown Reds collection completion at 50% (1 for 2). Someday I'll find the 1992 MooTown Jose Rijo to complete it. Ranks right up there with completing the t206 series if ya ask me.

Here are three cards of the wrong size. Adam Dunn Topps 206 Mini, 1988 Score Something-or-Other showcasing team gear, and 1993 King B Discs Jose Rijo. King B offers "delicious meat snacks" or something similar. Will go well with the string cheese.

Three Sportflics cards I needed: Ernie Lombardi, Kevin Jarvis, Tony Fernandez. Impossible to scan well. Moving on.

I haven't checked yet as to which 2013 Topps Minor Leagues feature Reds' farm teams, but having none of them, it was an easy choice to grab these two. Both these guys are struggling so they aren't quite knocking on the big league door just yet. Still, it's always great to see the Blue Wahoos logo on cardboard.

Closing up shop with a few more off-the-beaten path brands. The Griffey Tuff Stuff is perforated out of a magazine, reminding me of the old SI for Kids cards. Pretty sweet.

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  1. That Sabo oddball is terrific! I think the only MooTown Snackers card I have is the Wade Boggs.