Thursday, August 15, 2013

Catching Cards, Fantastically

Hey people. Go Vote in the Tourney. Round 1/Group 10 ends tomorrow!

I recently completed a nice little trade with Weston, over at Fantastic Catch. It's nice that in our little card world a Cardinals fan and a Reds fan can get along. Clearly the secret to peace on this planet is in the form of 8.75 square inches of cardboard. Or maybe not. Still, go check out his blog for cardy goodness of all sorts. Now, onto the goodies.

My favorite of the bunch is this 2007 TriStar Autothentics Drew Stubbs. I'm soured on Stubbsy, for obvious reasons, but this is a slick looking card. Plus it's a green parallel (out of 250) which goes nicely with the Dragons colors. For those who don't know, the Dayton Dragons are the Reds' Single A affiliate who have soldout EVERY HOME GAME THEY'VE EVER PLAYED. That's over 900 games since 2000. They set the all-sports record of 815 in 2011 (overtaking the Portland Trailblazers). They're great games to go to, so I love snagging a Dragon or two from time to time.

Some gold goodness. Needed the Votto and the 2013 Bruce. Big name parallels usually elude me. But not today. Not today.

And we're getting colorful now. 2012 Bowman Chrome Purple, 2007 Ultra Gold, 2013 Topps Blue, 2009 OPeeChee Black. Nice, nice, nice, and nice.

Two inserts that have escaped me. 2011 Topps Diamond Joey Votto and 2013 Topps Opening Day Highlights with perhaps one of the most awkward headlines I've seen on a card. "Tater for the Truants". That is, hitting a home run on a day when kids skip school to go see the Reds on Opening Day. The phrasing doesn't sit well with me, for no discernible reason. Good card though.

There was a bunch more stuff that'll beef up the binders nicely.

Thanks, Weston. And Go Reds.

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