Monday, August 5, 2013

Card Show Shenanigans - Part 5

First, as always, is to go vote in the tourney. Group 6 is live.

The card show from two weekends ago was so good, I'm still posting goodness nine days later. Last post was the first 8 autos from a discount box, today will be the last 7, plus a bonus 2 "official" autographed cards. Onward.

Brandon Claussen played 3 of his 4 big leagues seasons for Cincy, starting 57 games.

Joe Randa had a 12 year career, mostly with KC, with a half-year stint with Cincy in 2005.

Miguel Perez got behind the backstop in 2 major league games in 2005, totaling 3 career at bats. Made it onto a Bowman card as well.
Fred Norman had a nice 16-year career in the majors, 7 of which were spent in Cincy where he compiled an 85-64 record. I don't know how I didn't notice the smearing when I bought it. Such is life.

Justin Towle never made it past AA ball, spending 7 years in the Reds' farm system, but snuck into the '97 Fleer set anyway. This card needs more red on it.
Paul wilson spent the final 3 of his 7 major league seasons with the Reds, gathering 20 wins.

Travis "Gookie" Dawkins spent 55 games in the majors, spread over 4 seasons; 52 and 3 in Cincinnati.

A sweet, big ol' pile of autos from this vendor. Fifteen more players to add to the auto list. I also snagged two more "official" autos. "Official" meaning they were witnessed by some dude from some card company. These on-cards from Reds Fest that were witnessed by the guy selling them to me are just as good in my book. Though these next two were plucked out of a quarter box, so I'd be a fool to turn them away.

Bobby Basham spent a few years each in the Reds' and Padres' farm systems, but never made it to The Show. But again. Bowman Chrome Auto for a quarter.

This card I'd never seen before. 1995 Signature Rookies Old Judge Signatures, a mini, and hand numbered out of a measly 5,750 copies. Paul Bako was drafted by Cincinnati in 1993, spent some time in the Reds farm system, was sent to the Tigers, then played in the majors for 10 years for 10 different teams before finding himself back in Cincy and suiting up for the Reds in 2008. Pretty cool.

I have one more post worth of stuff from the show, then it's back to normal business. Go Reds.

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