Saturday, August 3, 2013

Card Show Shenanigans - Part 4

First of all, I hate the Cardinals so much. Second of all, get your votes in for Group 5 of the tourney. I've noticed that a few of you may not realize that you can and should vote for more than one choice, since the top 4 are taken, so keep that in mind.

Thirdly, today's portion of the card show shenanegans features some nice autos. I've mentioned in passing that I never really cared for autographs while collecting as a kid. I pulled a John Smoltz and a Javy Lopez auto out of a repack at Wal-Mart once and was only moderately excited. I had (and still have) a Mickey Mantle signed baseball, which my Dad bought at a Sam's Club of all places for a shockingly low price, and that item is off-the-charts great no matter what your collection habits are. But around mid-April of this year I caught an auto bug for the first time in my life and it's turned into a mild obsession. TTM's have gone out. Bids on ebay have been placed. And of course, quantity beats quality. As much as I'd like a Barry Larkin or a Johnny Bench, the price will never be justified. 

So when I see a box of autographed cards at a show at 3 for $5, you bet I'll pluck all 15 of the Reds out of there (which was haggled down to an even $20). Fifteen autos for twenty bucks is right in my wheelhouse. Since there's so much inky goodness I'll split it up among two posts.

First up, my personal favorite of the bunch...
Hal Morris. Reds' first baseman from 1990-2000, a lifetime .300 hitter, and the series clinching RBI in Game 4 of the '90 World Series. Sweet.

Eddie Taubensee caught for 7 years worth of Reds squads, being the primary catcher for 5 of 'em. 

Jason LaRue was Taubensee's successor behind the plate, being the primary Reds catcher for 5 of his 8 Reds seasons.

And immediately succeeding LaRue was David Ross, who spent three years in Cincy, two of those as theirprimary catcher. He's currently spending the 12th year of his career with the Red Sox.

Gary Majewski spent 3 years in middle relief for Cincy from '06-'08, pitching in 88 games.

Lance Davis pitched in the majors for one year, 2001 with the Reds, and went 8-4 in 20 starts.

Chad Mottola had a 59 game major league career, his first 35 in 1996 with the Reds.

Mo Sanford got the first 5 of his 11 career starts for the Reds in 1991.

That's a nice pile so far. We'll finish up the rest of the autos next card show post, which will be in two days if I don't break the pattern. Go vote! Go Reds.

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