Sunday, August 11, 2013

TTM Goodness - Adam Dunn

For those of you out there who dabble in the "send-and-pray" method of autographs, you'll agree that there are some you send out having assumed you've wasted postage and thrown out a perfectly decent card. You check your resources, look at success rates, and send cards out accordingly, trying to get as many back as possible. But there are some players who either have a low return rate, have too much fan mail to handle, or are just big timing the fans. But perhaps they're among your favorite players, so you send it anyway, and put it out of your mind. "Hey. I tried."

Well I didn't even have time to put it out of my mind with Adam Dunn. Dunn is one of my favorite ex-Reds for no other reason than, as batsmen, we are identical (which I've mentioned before). I would either go down swinging on 4 pitches or blast one 50 feet over the fence. I could not watch a ball go by. If you don't swing, you don't hit a home run. Easy as that. Dunn has taken this philosophy a little further than I did, though; he, making millions, and I, petering out by high school. 

So among my normal TTM's sent to utility infielders, backup catchers, and middle relievers, I sent a card to the Chicago White Sox's facilities, assuming it would get lost in the shuffle. But in NINE days, amidst the trials of midseason baseball, I got it sent back, signed. A nine day turnaround is top notch, if you're unaware. Particularly in the middle of a season and particularly from a star. Dunn just went up a notch in the Red Cardboard fanbook.Go Reds. (Also, go vote!)

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