Monday, August 1, 2016

Card Show Cards - Part 1

Quarterly 100-table Columbus show was Saturday (be jealous, you middle-of-nowhere-living people). My best purchase was about a thousand pages. But there were cards as well. Here's some of the goodness.

1953 Bowman B&W Gus Bell. This is card #1 from the set, so of course it's severely damaged. But no matter. This is the first one I've ever actually seen, so I snagged it for a fiver. Down to two needs in this set.

1953 Bowman Color Ken Raffensberger. Nice crease right across the middle. Again, no matter. Only need one more card from the color series.

1977 Playing Card Johnny Bench. It's the 7 of diamonds, if you're curious.

I love finding stray minor league cards. Especially of the Dayton Dragons. Couple of these guys have some big-league reps under their belt.

Everybody had new Ginter minis at this show. Everyone. So they were cheap. That one Gypsy purple is out of 250 and is silly looking.

Go Reds.

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  1. I opened four boxes from there myself and pulled a mini auto of that Peraza guy from one. You get first dibs on trade for it and whatever extra Reds you need. Email at QAPLAGCA at