Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Card Show Cards - Part 2

Part 1
More? More.

Start off strong with two oddballs. These are from some price guide. They have a 'quick reference' to some choice card prices. Barry Larkin's 1988 Donruss is going for 20 cents! It's a bull market! SELL! SELL!

Donruss Throwback Threads Deion lovin'. Why throw Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and Brian Jordan on the same card? Oh right. They all played in the NFL. Got it.

2016 Topps Foil Cozart, Iglesias. Hey, these two are still on the team! Huzzah!

Bowman stuff. Refractor /777. Hometown. Mini.

Bunch of Platinum parallels out of a quarter box. Sure.

I curiously had zero from the UD Special Edition Gold Foil set until now. And remember when companies like Donruss included serialed cards at the tail end of their base sets? I don't, because I wasn't collecting back then. But I bet it was obnoxious.

Colorful chromies. I miss these two dudes.

Closing with some refraction. That top Johnny is a Green Refractor, numbered out of 200. Not a bad quarter box pull. Also not bad: Votto refraction. Shibby.

Go Reds.

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