Monday, August 8, 2016

The Smartest Card Collector in the World

That is me. How smart am I, you ask? Here is how smart I am.

I went to a card show two weekends ago. I bought a bunch of Reds autos from a guy, being sure to check my 'haves' list to avoid doubling up. I only wish to have one official and one IP auto of everyone. Among the purchases, this Gary Varsho:

Varsho had an 8 year career, 1 of them in Cincy. Plus it's a Kahn's card, and I love Kahn's cards. But he is also a great TTM guy. So great, in fact, that he was a part of my latest TTM sending spree, a spree I did not sync up with my 'haves' list.

So what comes in the mail three days later? This:

TTM VARSHO OF THE SAME FRICKIN CARD. Unbelievable. Perhaps I will convince myself these are color ink parallels. Standard black and super-rare blue.

Good job, Red Cardboard.

Go Reds.

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