Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Larkins and a Big Johnny

Current Barry count: 738

1993 and 1994 Kraft Singles. Unpulled. Adding to the giant collection of 90's unlicensed Barry Larkins.

The Bowman's Best is a 'preview' card, differing only from the regular card via the card number on the back. Score was a little more blatant with their pre-release SAMPLE.

Top left: Finished of my Topps Kids set with that one.
Top right: There were way too many late-80's Fleer sets like this for me to keep track of.
Bottom left: Toys R Us rookie card? Hell yeah.
Bottom right: One of a billion Topps Sticker Backs

A couple of the famed Star cards, but these are the ad-back versions. Which is strange.

And a 1977 Sportscasters Johnny Bench. Goes well with my Johnny Vander Meer from the set. A mammoth 6" x 5" or so. Me like.

Go Reds.

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