Thursday, August 4, 2016

Card Show Cards - Part 4

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Here be the rest.

All but one base from 2016 Ginter. Plus some inserts. Either this is a way overproduced set or just everyone happened to have 100 boxes busted at this show.

2016 Topps Berger's Best. I don't know why.

Some autos of dudes who didn't made the Reds big league roster. All made it to AAA ball, though. Here's the rundown:
David Gil: Reds minors 2000-2004. Other minors 2004-2008.
Brock Till: Reds minors 2003-2007. Other minors 2008.
Calvin Medlock: Reds minors 2003-2007. Other minors 2007-2009.
Edward Valdez: Reds minors 2002-2006. Other minors 2006-2015.

2016 stuff. You've all seen it.

Ooh now we're talkin. 1991 Topps Sticker Backs. So many variations!

Couple Dunns I didn't have. Awesome.

And some dime/quarter box finds. I love dime boxes so much. So much.

Go Reds.

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