Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lots and Lots and Lots - Part 1/3

First up, of course, is a plug for my Mega Contest. There are already 33 contestants with 56 total entries, and many more entries to come. With eight big prizes, you can surely come home with sumpin'.

Today starts a three-parter on a recent Sportlots foray. 150 or so brand-new Reds to the collection. Gotta love finding a single dealer with free shipping and a huge inventory. Let's ride.

1995 Kraft Barry Larkin. What's that? It's a pop-up? Don't damage it! It cost 18 cents!

Worth it.

Speaking of Larkin, here's nine fresh ones. The '88 Fleer and the '00 Fleer Tradition are the Glossy versions. The Fleer League Leaders on the lower left, if you check the copyright line, you can see is the Canadian version. Most excellent.

More Fleer Tradition Glossy goodness. I think I read somewhere that the print run on these was 10,000. I guess that's too many to serial number. Still woulda been nice.

1996 Skybox Emotion XL. Totally ripped off by Gypsy Queen. Though GQ executed it a lot better, as these suffer from major bowing. When is was PREPARED for the IMPENDING package I was on a RAMPAGE when I encountered the CONSISTENT TORQUE that caused the cards to bow.

1997 Score Premium Stock parallel. These are good looking, however, the eponymous STOCK of the cards is the same as the base set. False advertising, dude.

Some random dust-collectors.

Silver Signature goodness from the Upper Deck Co. The first 6 are from 2000 Upper Deck MVP and I do believe I like them.

1993 Upper Deck All Time Heroes George Foster. Reminiscent of the 1912 T-202 Hassan Tri-Folds, this was a 165 card set released in its own packs/hobby boxes. Not sure how successful they were at the time. Probably not very, as nothing similar came about til recently. I do not understand why we have Foster in a Mets uni in one photo, and a Reds cap in the other, but I suppose it adds to the kitsch factor.

Part 2 tomorrow, kiddies. Go Reds.

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