Monday, June 16, 2014

Lots and Lots and Lots - Part 2/3

First up, of course, is yet another plug for my Mega Contest. There are now 35 contestants with 61 total entries, and many more entries to come. The participation is most excellent With eight big prizes, you can surely come home with sumpin'.
Alrighty, kiddos. Let's keep the goodness rollin' along.

We'll start with some Griffeys, because who doesn't love crisp, fresh Griffeys? I like the ESPN card. UD Baseball Heroes is one of my favorite sets, and this completes the Reds base cards, but I just don't know about the design on this particular card. So much wasted space.

Some Stadium Club goodness. Those Members Only cards on the top I'd never seen, and I love how loud and tacky they are. I'm nearly done with the Golden Rainbow parallels, too.

Hey guys, remember Pinnacle? Dang it, they tried. That Zenith Deion is pretty sweet though.

Finished up That '91 Fleer World Series set. Yeah, one of em is Reds-less, but the set needed completed. Also, those '88 Fleers are Glossy. OOOOOOOH.

More Fleeritude. The O'Neill, LaRue/Dawkins, and Williamson are glossy. The Davis is the Canadian version, and the Diaz is a set completer. Sweet.

Some goofy minor league cards. The Just brand cards are so tough to catalog, as their titles don't match their bylines. Ridiculous.

A little Donruss goodnes and two excellent Fleer photos. How sweet is that Mike Frank putting-the-bat-away-totally-candidly-and-not-posed-at-all card?

Part 3 tomorrow. Hey, I finally put up the 'Join This Site' widget, so how bout you do that, huh? Go Reds.

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